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Teyanah from Texas



from Texas

Teyanah is a friendly and social teenage girl. When first meeting her she appears quiet and reserved however once she warms up her social personality shines through. She has many different interests but typically enjoys spending time with friends, singing, and dancing. She also enjoys social media and is very knowledgeable about technology. Teyanah enjoys learning and participating in extracurricular activities. She has the potential to excel educationally however she needs a structured learning environment. She is passionate and optimistic about her future goals and aspirations. After high school she desires to go to the military. Teyanah is developing as a teenager and is learning the importance of life skills. She has a positive self-image and enjoys dressing-up and doing her hair. She has shown to be a very independent youth and exhibits the characteristics of being strong-minded and determined. She is working on strengthening her trust with others however prefers to write down her feelings. Although independent she still needs guidance and support. On occasion she will disregard the rules. She can be redirected by modeling appropriate behavior and given known consequences for her undesired actions. Teyanah feels passionate about family and yearns to have a secure relationship with one.

Teyanah's forever family will be able to provide a good balance of patience, structure, and consistency while allowing her to explore different interests as she navigates through her teenage years. Her forever family will promote, education, and has structure would benefit Teyanah as she continues her educational journey. Teyanah will easily bond with a family that is active and engaged in ongoing activities. Also, her family will be willing to provide support services and attention for Teyanah and her psychological, social, and emotional needs. More importantly, Teyanah's forever family will ensure that she feels secure and loved and build a positive future with.

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