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Theodore from Texas



from Texas

Theo is a sweet child who loves to receive affection from his caregiver and nurse aid. He likes to be tickled, as well as hugged and held. When at home, he enjoys watching educational programs for small children on television. He also likes to listen to music. He especially loves to hang out with other children his age and people watch. He enjoys having books read to him. He also enjoys looking at himself in the mirror. Theo is an absolute joy to be around. He responds best to routine, structure, and a predictable environment. However, he also enjoys going on outings with his caregiver.

Theo needs a family that is committed to caring for him long-term. He will benefit from a nurturing family that can provide him with attention, love, and affection. He needs a family who is willing to introduce him to new things. A structured family who is consistent with their routines will be best. The family may benefit from having a nurse aid to assist them with Theo's daily needs. H does well with other children, younger and older.

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