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Timothy from Texas



from Texas

Timothy is a well-mannered, funny and kind youth who exhibits good communication skills. Timothy enjoys basketball, movies, listening to music, and playing computer or video games. He does well socially and is able to maintain friendships. Timothy has a caring heart and is very social. He is a creative and energetic youth. Timothy does well in school typically making A's and B's. His favorite subjects are Spanish, art and reading. His least favorite subject is science. His future career goals include art technology or architectural design. Behaviorally, Timothy at times acts out when frustrated. He has a strong will and may not learn from previous experiences and needs reminders. He can be easily distracted so he benefits from reminders and help to maintain focus. Timothy is of the age where he is wanting to be more independent. Timothy wants a family who will love him and never give up on him.

Timothy will do well in a two parent home, with a strong female caregiver. He will do best if he is the only child and can be given one-on-one supervision and support. He needs parents who are structured and will maintain a good daily routine. His ideal parents will be patient and provide him with praise when he does something well and consistent re-direction when he breaks a rule. He would love to have a family who is active and will encourage him to participate in activities that will improve his self-esteem and social skills. Timothy does best when he understands what behaviors he does well and talked through what went wrong. He also needs a lot of one-on-one attention to feel as he is being heard and understood.

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