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Timothy from Texas



from Texas

Timothy is very smart, bold, outgoing, and outspoken. He is very working and respectful. Timothy has all the talents needed to support the adventurous lifestyle he loves. He loves to release energy by playing football. Timothy plays defense in football and absolutely loves it. He sings and writes his own music. Timothy plays several instruments such as piano, trumpet, and guitar. Timothy likes to keep a journal. He loves a challenge and doesn't shy away. Timothy is learning to challenge his anger in positive ways when upset. He is a great child who wants to be loved by all. Timothy is eager to be adopted and find his forever family.

Timothy will best be served by a family who will be patient with him and has experience with children who share similar behaviors as Timothy. His family will be able to sympathize and assist Timothy when needed. He will benefit from a stable home. Timothy will thrive in an active family who enjoy doing things together. He will benefit from a family where he is the only child or where there are older children. Timothy's family will take strong interest and commitment towards his education and needs. Timothy needs a family who will love him unconditionally.

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