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Timothy from Texas



from Texas

Timothy is a loving little boy who communicates with hand gestures. At first, he can be a bit reserved when he first meets new people. However, once he is comfortable and builds a relationship with you, he enjoys giving hugs. Timothy has a lot of energy and loves to run. He is fast on his feet and very quick. Timothy enjoys being outside and participating in outdoor activities. He loves to play with sticks and other things from nature. Timothy also loves to move, wiggle, and jump. At times, he can struggle to maintain his attention to one task, but with the appropriate activity in place he can keep focused. Timothy can be sociable, but desires one-on-one attention.

Raven, Ra'Shoun and Timothy want for a forever family who will welcome all three of them with open arms. The children share a strong bond with each other. They love each other dearly and enjoy spending time with one other. Raven is full of life! She is a social butterfly who enjoys interacting with people and making new friends. As the older sister, she takes on a motherly role to her younger brothers at times. Ra'Shoun is the middle child and he is very energetic. He loves to play outside and participate in outdoor activities. Timothy is the youngest of the siblings. He enjoys running, jumping, and playing outdoors. He especially loves nature and everything it entails.

Timothy will do well with a family that is able to provide a loving, nurturing, and structured living environment for him. A family who is able to offer much patience and understanding to all of Timothy's needs will be best. Timothy desires a forever family who will commit to keeping him and his siblings together. Timothy will thrive with a family who shows him individualized attention. His family will need to recognize the importance for continued therapeutic services, treatment plans, and how to follow guidance to ensure that Timothy's needs are fully met. His forever family be committed to adopting Timothy and his siblings so that their sibling relationship can grow and flourish.

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