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Timothy from Texas



from Texas

Timothy has a loving and caring personality. He is a sweet youth who craves attention and enjoys being helpful. He loves to draw and read comic books. Timothy especially likes to play outdoors. He has a social personality and quickly warms up to new people. He is talkative and enjoys conversing with new people as well as people he already knows. He typically interacts well with others his age and is very sensitive. Timothy, at times will become frustrated with others if they are not playing fairly. He responds well in a structured environment and needs consistency. Timothy thrives on one on one attention and benefits from reminders to accomplish tasks. He benefits from extra help to succeed in school and does well overall. Timothy is a cheerful boy who is ready to be part of a family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Timothy will benefit from a two parent home that is structured and consistent. He will thrive in a home with loving and active parents who will keep him involved in extracurricular activities. Timothy will thrive with a family who will advocate and seek additional supportive services as needed. His ideal family will be unconditionally committed to him.

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