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  Titus from Texas



from Texas

Titus is a shy youth. He loves to give hugs and is very talkative once he feels comfortable with you. Playing with Legos is one of his favorite pastimes. Titus has some difficulties making and keeping friends. He often feels like no one likes him. He is a very intelligent youth, although he has some struggles staying on task and completing assignments. In school, Titus utilizes resources and assistance to help him succeed and he has modified assignments. He loves math, but struggles to complete assignments. Titus responds best with time restrictions to complete tasks. He requires a lot of structure, as he is very active and constantly moving. Titus has ambition to attend college in Nebraska, like his brother.

Marissa, Austin, and Titus share a close bond with each other. Austin and Titus currently live together and attend schools very close to each other. Marissa lives apart from her brothers, but hopes to be with them soon. Marissa enjoys passing the time curled up with a good book or hanging out and listening to her favorite music. Austin is an athletic youth who enjoys playing sports. Titus is an active child who likes being outdoors. Marissa, Austin, and Titus are protective of one another. Marissa and Austin share the closest bond with each other. Like most sibling groups, they have normal sibling rivalries when they are together, but they are able to overcome their differences. Although they live apart, they are very close to one another.

Titus' forever family will need to have time and patience to work with him regularly on daily living activities. His family will need to be very structured, as he benefits from routine. Titus' family will need to be dedicated to loving and caring for him. They will need to advocate for him in the educational community, as well as throughout his life. Titus' forever family must be able to meet all of his needs.