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Tommy from Texas



from Texas

Tommy is a typical teenage boy who has never met a stranger. He enjoys playing basketball and would love to be part of a basketball team. It is his passion to play. He greatly enjoys when someone takes the time to support him in his true passion for the sport of basketball by practicing with him and play with him on the court. He loves when someone plays with him while teaching fundamentals that can help him strive to a higher level. Tommy also enjoys riding his bike and playing video games. He considers himself an "expert" on Dragonball Z. Tommy is so kind, polite, and an all-around genuine person. He is truly a great kid who loves his siblings.

Tommy and Talisha are so close that they are often mistaken for twins. They are typical siblings who like to joke and tease with one another. They are also very competitive. Tommy and Talisha make up competitive games all the time, like who can eat the hot pepper quickest or who can run to the flag and back fastest. There is always good hearted banter between them and lots of laughs. Tommy is very protective of his sister and is quick to get her back on track. Tommy is very affable, polite and kind to everyone. He has a calmness to him that draws people in. Talisha is much more reserved than her brother. She is also polite but once comfortable can be very silly. Talisha looks up to her brother and sees him as her biggest supporter and best friend.

Tommy needs a family with an active lifestyle who will actively play and watch him play basketball as well as other extracurricular activities. Tommy needs a family who holds education to a high standard and who is willing to put in extra effort to help keep him on track with his schooling. Tommy needs a family who will build up his confidence and offer clear and appropriate boundaries. He wants a family to love and support him and offer him encouragement, kindness, and respect.