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Tommy from Texas



from Texas

Tommy is an energetic and rambunctious young boy who is out-going and makes friends easily. He likes to play outside on his bike or play tag with his siblings. Tommy is learning to play the ukulele at school and is enthusiastic about his progress. Tommy loves Pokemon and is an avid collector of the cards. He enjoys sharing is vast knowledge of Pokemon with anyone he meets. Tommy is honest about how he feels and will let you know what is on his mind. He enjoys attending field trips and going on outings with his family. Tommy also enjoys watching cartoons and playing video games in his free time.

Arad is the oldest of the sibling group. Arad likes to hang out with his younger siblings and play video games. Arad is into all types of sports, including basketball and baseball and likes to be outdoors either fishing or riding his bike. Arad is focused on his education and looking forward to graduating from High School in the next few years. Tommy is the next oldest in the sibling group and is the twin brother of Valerie. Tommy likes to play with Pokemon cards and joke around with his friends. Tommy has enough energy to play for hours on end. Tommy likes school and his favorite subjects are recess and physical education. Valerie is the only girl in the group and enjoys shopping, playing with dolls, and reading chapter books. Valerie likes to collect bows and anything with a Llama on it as this is her new favorite obsession. Ivan is the baby of the group and likes to hang out with his older siblings. Ivan has an array of superhero toys and t-shirts that he likes to show off. Ivan enjoys spending time building with his Lego set and collecting plush Pokemon toys. He is very talkative and likes to ask questions about things going on around him.

Tommy will do best with a family that will provide him with patience, guidance, and re-direction. His ideal family will be structured and can help him maintain a routine so that he does not get bored. He needs support in school to assist him with staying on task and encouraging his progress. Tommy will do well with a family that has pets. It is important for Tommy to be adopted with his siblings.