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Tommy from Texas



from Texas

Tommy is a happy, talkative young boy with bright eyes and an inquisitive smile. He loves playtime and he is at his happiest when he can be outside. Tommy is a very active child. He is most at home playing in his sandbox or running through the front yard barefoot. He loves playing at the park or other outdoor activities. Tommy is never short on energy. At times, he may benefit from reminders to stay focused at school and home. He also benefits from consistency and positive reinforcement when he follows the rules. He is proud of himself when he makes good choices. Tommy is a very engaging youth who will need time to trust and connect with his forever family.

Tommy will thrive in a family who will provide structure and is very understanding. His family will be patient and encourage him to pursue his goals and dreams while keeping him on task. Tommy will benefit from a family who can redirect him and encourage him when needed. Tommy needs support and the opportunity to be the center of attention. He wants to be included in all family activities. He will thrive in a family who is active in the community and will keep him busy. Tommy is a bright child and with the right family, he will reach his full potential in life. He will do well with a family who can give him lots of individual attention and support as he navigates through life.

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