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Traveon from Texas



from Texas

Traveon is a kind, sensitive, respectful, and observant youth. He is a happy and intelligent boy. Traveon can be a challenge at times; however, he is able to be re-directed. He requires structure and some redirection, and can follow through with directives. Traveon loves to play indoors and outdoors, especially playing with his foster siblings. He enjoys watching television with his foster siblings and especially likes watching movies. Traveons love to dance and has a great sense of rhythm. He loves to be around people. He gets along with other children and adults most of the time. He enjoys eating home cooked meals. Traveon also enjoys going to the Boys and Girls Club.

Traveon will benefit from a family who can provide him with a safe, secure, structured, and loving home environment. He needs a family who will provide him with consistency, adequate supervision, and encouragement. Traveon needs a family who will provide him with positive role models, love and affection. The ideal parents will dedicate time to building trust and confidence in him as he transitions to his new home. Traveon is capable of forming attachments and deep love. He need family who will remain committed to caring for him as he has been disappointed in the past. His family will work with him through any difficulties and seek out appropriate resources and supports to further these efforts.