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Trevor from Texas



from Texas

Trevor is a good, youth. He can be shy at time but once he gets to know you he will open-up. Trevor enjoys playing action type video games. He also enjoys playing any type of sports. Trevor enjoys going to the lake or beach. Trevor is doing well in his school classes. If Trevor starts to struggle with school, he isn't afraid to ask for help. Like other youth his age, he needs to be reminded to keep his room clean and pick up after himself. Once reminded he will put in 100% to make sure the job is done right. Trevor prides himself on learning to cook and hopes to increase his knowledge on making different types of food. Some of his favorite foods are green beans, pizza, and roman noodles. Trevor has stated he would love to meet Odell Beckham Jr. and attend a super bowl football game. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

Trevor needs a strong male role model and a loving mother in his life. He would be best served with one other sibling close to his age. The family best for Trevor will be one who will be able to spend considerable one-on-one time with him.

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