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Trinity from Texas



from Texas

Trinity is a very outgoing youth who enjoys reading, trying out different styles, dancing, and listening to music. She has a fun and, oftentimes, bold disposition about herself. She has a very dynamic personality and she is full of life and energy. Trinity craves attention and enjoys being the center of anything that is going on around her. She enjoys drawing and arts and crafts. Trinity is increasing her skills in being cooperative with her peers and caregivers. She performs best in small groups, but she could use frequent prompts and lots of patience. Trinity enjoys living life to the fullest. Trinity likes to be active, she enjoys volleyball and horse riding. Trinity will be a delightful addition to a very loving, nurturing, and caring family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Trinity's forever family will have experience in dealing with children. Her family will be patient and understanding and who will provide a safe place for her to grow emotionally. Trinity's forever family will provide a home that is predictable and structured. Trinity is aware of her situation and desires to be adopted. Her forever family for Trinity will provide unconditional love and always encourage her to explore her gifts and help her through the tough times.

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