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Trinity from Texas



from Texas

Trinity is a sweet child who loves to receive attention and affection. She enjoys hearing people talk to her and she also enjoys listening to music. Trinity was born premature and consequently has numerous medical issues that require extensive nursing care and follow up treatments. She is diagnosed with many medical conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, and Seizure Disorder. Trinity is making great progress with her medical conditions. Her joint movement has significantly improved and she is able to lay flat on her back. She was previously unable to do this. She is also able to sit in her wheelchair during "chair time" and she recently has been able to move and kick her legs when prompted. Trinity appears to recognize familiar faces and has been observed to smile when her caregivers are around. Her seizure activity has significantly decreased since being placed on a special diet. Trinity is still immobile and mostly non-verbal, but her foster parents and nursing staff continue to set goals to address her medical needs. She is able to speak three words, "hi", "owie", and "yeah" and her speech evaluation shows that she is able to demonstrate intent when she speaks. Trinity currently receives 126 hours of home health services. Additionally, she receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy twice a week. She receives tube feedings every three hours through a g-button. Trinity utilizes a chest percussion therapy (CPT) vest twice a day, which assists with clearing her lungs. She is currently receiving home hospice services; however these may be discontinued if Trinity's condition continues to improve. Trinity is under the care of numerous medical specialists. Due to Trinity's extensive medical issues, she is unable to participate in school. If her condition continues to improve, she may be able to attend school in the future. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas. View my video on CBS19 "Children Are A Gift".

Trinity is on hospice and her health issues are considered irreversible. She is in need of a family who is willing to care for her, knowing that their time with her may be greatly condensed. An adoptive family will have the assistance of her nursing hours.