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Tuan from Texas



from Texas

Tuan loves to play sports and interact with his friends. Some of his favorite sports include football and basketball. He likes to make new friends and being involved with church. Tuan is good at carrying out instructions and well-behaved. He enjoys and thrives from staying active and busy with school or sports. Tuan also thrives on personal time, but always loves attention and likes individual interaction. He enjoys reading, writing, and reflecting on life at times. He loves animals and playing video games. He is a fan of the NFL Dallas Cowboys and hopes to one day be drafted to play professional football. Some of his favorite foods include, spaghetti, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

Tuan will be best matched with a family who is loving and patient with teenagers. A family who is active and encourages their children to participate in activities and community interaction will let Tuan thrive. He enjoys going to church and animals.

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