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Tykijah from Texas



from Texas

Ty'Kijah is a polite child. Her mannerisms show that she is sharp and highly intelligent. She can be outspoken and is attentive to her surroundings. Ty'Kijah is very active, especially when she is playing outdoors. She enjoys games like kickball, hopscotch, racing, and riding her bike. She mostly likes watching the Disney Channel cartoons, movies, and sitcoms when she is indoors. When she is not watching television, she enjoys reading books. Ty'Kijah enjoys all types of foods. At school, Ty'Kijah gives great effort in her classes. She performs best when she receives individual attention from her teachers and has a plan tailored specifically towards her learning style.

Ta'Nya, Tierra, Ty'Neal and Ty'Kijah have a close bond and want to be adopted together. Ty'Neal has an unconditional love for his siblings, and enjoys playing and reading with them. Ty'Neal is the only brother in the group and loves to challenge his sisters. Ta'Nya is loving and playful. She keeps her sisters and brother occupied with her jovial energy. Tierra is the eldest sister. She has a contagious smile and a laid back demeanor. Ty'Kijah is a bright child who can be outspoken and is attentive to her surroundings. They are a respectful and polite sibling group. They love to go to amusement parks, shopping, swimming and out to dinner together. They enjoy extra-curricular activities, as well as getting involved with school activities. They all have a funny sense of humor and have a lot of love to give.

Ty'Kijah will do well in a family who has structure and will provide motivation and support in a loving and affectionate manner. She desires a forever family who will commit to adopting her and her three siblings. She will do best in an active family who enjoy outings and supporting and attending the children's activities. Ty'Kijah will do well with a two-parent home, preferably with no other children in the home.