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Tyree from Texas



from Texas

Tyree is a friendly boy who seeks attention. He enjoys being outdoors playing sports, especially football, but he is also a video game fanatic. Tyree likes to brag about being the best in his group at football and running. He hopes to play football once he is old enough to participate at school. He is very active and enjoys the company of other kids. He enjoys listening to music and dancing. He also enjoys quiet things like reading and building with Legos. He does well with structure and when given clear expectations and consequences. He likes to be indulged at times, and he likes being in charge. Tyree is a loving boy who would love his own family.

Tyree will do best in a home which provides daily structure. He is in need of a loving, supportive, patient, and encouraging parents. Family is important to Tyree. He has four other siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, so he would definitely do best if he has other children in the home.

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