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Veronica from Texas



from Texas

Veronica is a unique child who has a lot of love to share. She is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and is blind. Veronica engages and communicates with others through her facial expressions and by holding hands. She is working advancing her sign language in order to be able to communicate more! Veronica enjoys sitting and feeling included in family activities. She recognizes the voices of those she cares about and rewards you with her special smile. Veronica enjoys going on walks and getting some fresh air and exercise. She has a healthy appetite; snacks and yummy food are the way to her heart! Veronica loves to play with interactive musical toys and listen to music. Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars are some of her favorite musicians!

Veronica's forever family will be patient and nurturing. She needs creative adults in her life in order to stimulate her in new ways while also providing stability. Veronica's family will advocate on her behalf and ensure she has access to any needed resources.

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