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Victoria from Texas



from Texas

Victoria enjoys hearing the sound of music and the television playing. She is soothed by these sounds and smiles when she hears them. Victoria is medically fragile and diagnosed with several medical conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Scoliosis. Due to the severe back curvature that affects her spine, Victoria utilizes a wheelchair that has been specifically molded for her back. She requires 24 hour supervision daily. She has nurses who care for her throughout the day and her health has remained steady. Although Victoria is non-verbal, she hums and reacts when spoken to or touched. She displays emotions though facial gestures and often smiles throughout the day. Victoria enjoys the company of other adults, as she smiles when she can hear the voices of her foster parents and the medical staff that care for her.

Victoria needs a family who is able to meet all of her needs. She has extensive medical needs that require 24 hour supervision on a daily basis. Victoria also needs a family that will bestow love, affection, and nurturance toward her.