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Vinta from Texas



from Texas

Vinta is an outgoing and social youth. She sticks up for the underdog and is outspoken, especially if she thinks something is unfair. Vinta is caring and protective of people and animals. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. In school, Vinta struggles at times with some subjects. She is a healthy youth, but does have seasonal allergies. She plays volleyball for school, which she enjoys. She is somewhat of a "tomboy", but also likes "girly things". Her favorite colors are blue and green. She likes to read, play cards, watch TV, and listen to music. She likes to go to Church and Christmas is her favorite holiday, since it is Jesus' birthday. She likes to socialize and do things like going shopping, going out to eat, or hanging out with friends.

Vinta desires a forever family. She will do best with a Mom and Dad or a single Mom. She prefers to live in a rural area, stay in Texas, and have a pet. It is important to Vinta that she be able to continue contact with her brother, who is not part of this adoption. It will be ideal if the family allowed him to visit overnight once in a while. She needs a family to be firm, set boundaries, be fair, and loving.