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William from Texas



from Texas

William is a happy child with a sense of humor. He has a friendly, energetic, and social personality. William loves to play with Thomas the Tank Engine toys. He will eat McDonald's, if given the opportunity, and enjoys eating pizza. William prefers having his drinks filled with ice cubes and drinking ice tea to carbonated drinks, such as soda. William is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder. He does not seek group play with his peers and prefers to engage in individual play, either in the playground or inside. He benefits from assistance with completing arts and crafts activities. William benefits from individual attention as he can become easily distracted. He prefers to be sitting down watching TV and cartoons, than to be playing outside with his peers. William enjoys playing with water and engaging in water activities.

William needs a family who will love him unconditionally, be affectionate towards him, provide him with protection, nurture him, be patient, and give him plenty of attention. The ideal family for William includes parents who can spend time with him and meet his needs. William deserves parents who will accept and make him feel like he belongs. His parents will love and help him become a strong and independent young man. William looks forward to his forever home.

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