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William from Texas



from Texas

William is an active boy who likes to spend his time outdoors. He is described as having a sparkling personality with a smile that lights up a room. His favorite outdoor activity is to fish. He also likes to spend his time outside biking. He likes to explore nature and go on nature hikes. His favorite show is Lonestar Outlaws. He is an adept swimmer and enjoys swimming. His dream would be to go to Disneyworld or the Grand Canyon. He loves Mexican food and his favorite food are tacos. He is a jokester and one of his classic jokes is "What is Thor's favorite food?" If you haven't guessed yet, the answer is "Thortillas." He likes Marvel and his favorite Marvel character is Spiderman. His favorite subject in school is reading. He says that he likes all his subjects. He really wants the opportunity to attend a school where he can play football. He aspires to attend Texas Tech University and playing collegiate football and baseball. He wants to be a running back on the football team. He says that he is a good runner and really good at all sports. He says he can throw a baseball fast and that he is left and right handed. He thinks it is fun to cook and eat s'mores. Will you be the family to spend time with William around a campfire making s'mores and telling stories under the Little Dipper?

Bryant, John, and William are tightly bonded to one another. They share a typical sibling relationship where there is sibling rivalry at times, however, they deeply love and care about one another. In addition to their close bond, they are close in age with just five years between the oldest and youngest. Bryant is the big brother of the group, while William is the youngest. John is in the middle. Each child is unique and has a lot of love to offer. All 3 boys are phenomenal athletes that want to play a variety of sports to include baseball, basketball, and football. They also enjoy playing video games and listening to country and rap music. They share a passion for fishing. Will you be the forever family that plans outdoor excursions with them and make lifelong memories in the process?

William's forever family will provide him a structured environment since he thrives on routine. His family will understand that change can be challenging and will be patient as William transitions into his forever family. His forever family will provide unconditional love for William. His forever family would be supportive of William's desire to participate in extracurricular activities.

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