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Willie from Texas



from Texas

Willie is a happy, loving, and affectionate child who has a contagious grin. He likes to give and receive hugs, and also likes attention. Willie loves being held by his caregivers. He is very active and like his brothers, he enjoys the outdoors. He gets a kick out of chasing his brothers around. Willie prefers to be around people, rather than playing by himself. Willie has been diagnosed with microcephaly, but it does not appear to affect him on a daily basis. Willie does best with structure and a consistent schedule. Willie is very attached to his older brothers and looks up to them as role models.

Labrais, Bryise, and Willie are loving children who have a lot of love to offer. They play well together overall, but have their moments of sibling rivalry. The three boys all love playing outside. They enjoy playing with cars, trucks, and anything superhero related. Labrais is the oldest and looks after his brothers, ensuring that they are always happy. Bryise enjoys making others laugh and keeps the energy up. Willie likes to play hard and loves being affectionate. The three boys enjoy spending time together and ask about the others when they are a part for any amount of time. They do best with both structure and affection.

Willie will do well with a family who is loving and patient. The ideal family for Willie will spend time with him and encouragement him in his interests and help him build on his accomplishments. Willie will do best with a family who will advocate and empower him. He responds best to a predictable and structured environment.

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