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Wmichael from Texas



from Texas

Michael is a smart, friendly four year old boy. Though he doesn't speak much, he communicates with smiles and hugs. Michael can say a few words, but usually only when prompted to say them. He loves to explore the world around him and is very curious. He has recently begun giving hugs unprompted and enjoys snuggling with those close to him. He also enjoys wrestling and being tickled. Like many four year old boys, he has a short attention span, but enjoys watching cartoons, playing outside, and playing with dinosaur toys. He also has a few stuffed animals that he is really attached to. Michael can be a picky eater, but he loves chicken nuggets and French fries. He is currently attending preschool and seems to enjoy it. He gets along well with peers, but mostly enjoys playing by himself.

Michael's forever family will need to be nurturing, but able to provide him with a very structured environment. He struggles with boundaries and will need a family that can be stern, but loving with him. He needs a family that will be patient with him and remind him how special he is. He would do best in a family that has experience caring for children with medical needs. Michael has three older siblings who have been adopted and live in the Central Texas area. It will be important to him to maintain some type of relationship with his siblings.

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