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  Wyitt from Texas



from Texas

Wyitt is a sweet and fun loving child. He is very carefree and models behaviors of others he looks up to and admires. He enjoys being outside on his bike and interacting with peers. Wyitt tries to fit in with the crowd and is sensitive at times when he is not accepted. He longs to have a family setting. Wyitt can be creative and thrives on individual attention. He is learning how to be more sociable and can be very energetic and supportive. Wyitt is very helpful and enjoys participating in any way he can with daily tasks. Wyitt enjoys watching TV and playing games.

Wyitt will need a family who is active, understanding, and nurturing. He needs to be shown how to form healthy attachments. He will benefit from team building activities and continued supportive services. The family selected for Wyitt will set clear rules and boundaries and focus on continuing any services needed.