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Yazmin from Texas



from Texas

Yazmin is a sweet, caring, and charismatic youth. She loves to read and you can always catch her in her little corner reading a good book. Yazmin is reserved with new people but once she gets comfortable she enjoys talking to others about everything and anything. Yazmin does well in school with the right motivation as she does need someone to be cheering her on and reminding her she is smart and witty. Yazmin enjoys activities such as going to the park, attending church, and of course going to Chuck E Cheese. Yazmin is not an outdoorsy type of girl but when her sisters are around she is willing to try new things. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Yazmin will do well with a family who has lot compassion and is very understanding. A family who will not judge her for her mistakes and will instead keep encouraging her to do her best no matter what the outcome. Yazmin would like to be adopted by a family who is nice, sweet, and caring just like her.