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Yolanda from Texas



from Texas

Yolanda is a very sweet child who is helpful to her caregivers. She enjoys running errands with her family and playing with the other children in the home. She interacts well the children, but prefers to play with younger children. Yolanda is learning to be more independent and taking on more responsibility. Sometimes, she likes to have assistance with tasks. Yolanda is very talkative and likes to play with building blocks or color with other children. She enjoys putting puzzles together, coloring, and listening to music. She likes riding her bike, swimming, and watching TV. Yolanda receives individual attention and support in school. She enjoys doing homework and will often ask for extra work. Yolanda enjoys attending art and choir. Yolanda does well with positive reinforcement and encouragement of appropriate behaviors and activities.

Yolanda will benefit greatly from a patient, caring, and understanding family who will provide consistent structure, boundaries, and affection. She tends to bond with a motherly figure. Yolanda will do well with a family who has medical knowledge, due to her medical needs. She will need on-going supportive services and time to adjust to her new home.