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Yordi from Texas



from Texas

Yordi is an active teenager who enjoys playing video games, playing with friends, and using electronics. Yordi can be affectionate and helpful to others. Since Yordi is the older of the siblings, he does tend to be protective of his brothers. He enjoys the company of others and can be friendly and outgoing. Yordi is also outspoken and is able to express himself and have meaningful conversations with others. Additionally, Yordi is funny and enjoys making others laugh. He is a typical teenager who is becoming his own individual person. Yordi looks forward to planning for his future and has plans to pursue his education and to be a strong independent individual.

Yordi is the oldest of the three and can take this role seriously. He gets along with his siblings and maintains good communication with them. Yordi can be the leader for his siblings, as they look up to him. Gerardo is the middle child and he can come across as shy at first. It takes him a while to warm up to others, but once he does, he opens up. Gerardo is protective of his siblings and wants them to succeed at whatever they do. Heriberto is the youngest and looks up to both of his siblings. He strives to be like his brothers, as it is important to him that he makes them proud. Together, Yordi, Gerardo, and Heriberto have a good bond with each other. They enjoy spending time together, catching up and sharing stories. The boys also enjoy playing basketball and football together.

Yordi wants to feel loved, secure, and accepted by a family. He will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency. His family must be willing to spend one-on-one time with him and support him in activities he enjoys doing. The family must also show Yordi that they will stick by him and push him to succeed. Yordi needs a family who will work with him to allow him to express his feelings and encourage his progress. His family must provide him with a structured environment, while allowing him to grow and develop his own interests. Yordi needs a role model to show him how to better interact with peers and show him how to strive at what he enjoys. Yordi will benefit from a family that will be patient with him when he becomes distracted.