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Yvonne from Texas



from Texas

Yvonne is a very fun-loving, outgoing, charismatic, and intelligent girl. Yvonne requires some support at school, and at times needs encouragement to complete her work. She easily makes friends at school and is able to identify peers who can be a negative influence for her. Yvonne is a typical teenager who sometimes finds it difficult to follow the expectations and rules established. She really enjoys and seeks attention, especially from her caregiver. Yvonne enjoys watching TV and movies. She likes sports and just going out. Yvonne has made great strides, and she will continue to improve with the support of a loving family.

Yvonne is anxiously waiting for her forever family. She will benefit from a loving, caring, and strong family who will provide her with a structured and stable environment. Yvonne will thrive with a family who will build on the positives and set up reasonable, age appropriate limits with consequences which are enforced consistently. Yvonne's ideal family is patient and understanding who may have other children in the home, as Yvonne would like to have siblings. She will also thrive in a home without siblings, as she loves the attention.