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Zaaria from Texas



from Texas

Zaaria is a fun-loving and clever child who is full of personality. She enjoys doing hair and makeup and she aspires to be a hairdresser when she grows up. Zaaria enjoys making people laugh and is known to pull harmless pranks on others. Initially, Zaaria comes across as introverted until she is comfortable, and she then displays a more outgoing demeanor. She enjoys making crafts and has recently become interested in plants, specifically succulents. Zaaria enjoys being around children around her age. She is very independent. Zaaria is a very bright child who does well in school. She has been known to bring surprises and gifts to her teachers and peers, exhibiting her thoughtfulness. Zaaria has a bright smile that can warm up any room she is in. She is an observant child and will notice small details in any environment. Zaaria often shows curiosity through asking questions about the world around her. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Zaaria will do best with a family who has strong knowledge and parenting experience. She wants a forever home; specifically, she would like this home to have love, support, patience, structure, and creative ways to redirect behavior. Zaaria has expressed wanting a single Mom home or dual parents, with younger or older siblings.

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