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Zachary from Texas



from Texas

Zachary is a really good kid. He answers questions and respond appropriately most of the time. He is very calm, easy going, and likes to play with others. Often times when things are broken down into simple terms and explained to him, Zachary is able to be redirected. He likes video games, Lego building blocks, going to church, playing outside, and family outings. Zachary has expressed interest in playing with strings or other materials he can twirl, and playing with electronics. Zachary does well in school and following directions. He enjoys Marvel characters and movies, and playing with his brothers daily.

Jamison, Zachary, and Tyler have a very close sibling relationship. They enjoy each other's company and play well together. They adore being outside and playing with one another. They like playing with toys, creating games, and watching television shows. It is important to them that they be placed together as they are quite attached. Jamison, Zachary, and Tyler laugh and run around in each other's presence. At times, the boys can have disagreements but with appropriate intervention they understand the importance of siblings getting along and supporting each other. The relationship between Jamison, Zachary, and Tyler is important as it keeps the ability to sustain family traditions and values.

Zachary would like a stable and loving family who will provide him the structure and love he needs. He needs a family who will encourage him, as he needs positive reinforcement, consistency, and structure. Zachary will flourish in a home where he is able to express himself and be truly part of a family unit. The family must be consistent and compassionate towards Zachary. A stable and consistent family will work wonders for him. A family who has a structured schedule will benefit Zachary as is proven to help him process his emotions and understand what is to be done.