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Zakendria from Texas



from Texas

Zakendria is a very playful, funny, and reserved child. She likes to listen to music, play board games, and be a "girly" girl. Zakendria can be very quiet and needs someone to listen to her at times. She loves to be encouraged and motivated, as it helps her focus. Zakendria struggles with some age appropriate behaviors. She requires an environment where she can receive stern supervision and redirection. She works very well in a structured environment that displays patience. Zakendria enjoys playing with dolls and dancing. She is a very sweet and loving little girl who also enjoys going out and participating in activities.

Zakendria requires a stable, well-structured home environment. She needs a family that is nurturing, but organized, so she can flourish. She will benefit from a stable and loving family who will give her the stability she needs. Zakendria really needs a family that will encourage her and provide positive reinforcement. She responds well to redirection, but she requires a family that will give her time to gather herself. Zakendria will flourish in a home where she is able to express herself and truly be part of a family unit. Her family will be consistent and compassionate, as she has a hard time trusting. A stable and consistent family will work wonders for Zakendria.