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Zamiria from Texas



from Texas

Zamiria is a smart and sweet young girl. She is a very talented artist and loves to draw. Zamiria advocates for herself a great deal. She is very persistent and determined. Zamiria is well liked in school by her peers and teachers. She applies herself in school and does very well overall. Zamiria loves reading books and helping others. Zamiria gets along with almost anyone. She works well with groups of people. Zamiria, at times, will take on a more caregiver role towards her younger brother, Kamyri. She has a very close connection with him, and she appears to love him a lot. Zamiria is curious, and eager to learn new things. She loves electronics and loves spending time learning new things and playing on her tablet.

Zamiria and Kamyri are two extremely bright children who share a close-knit sibling connection. Their love for one another is obvious when they are seen together. Zamiria is eldest of the two. She sees herself as the caretaker for her younger brother. She always considers his feelings and well-being before her own. Zamiria is very attentive to his needs. She is very loving and caring towards her Kamyri. Zamiria would love nothing more than to join her forever family with him. Kamyri, the youngest of the two, is doted on by his older sister and uses his infectious smile to get his way. The pair of siblings enjoy playing board games together and interacting in any way they find the chance to do. They also enjoy playing outside or on tablets together.

Zamiria will do well in a family who is loving and highly structured. She will benefit from a family who enjoys the outdoors. Her forever family will enjoy spending time together and be loving and caring toward one another.

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