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Zarieck from Texas



from Texas

Zarieck, who is called by his nickname, ZZ, is a fun loving boy who loves attention and being talked to. He is friendly child and makes funny sounds when he is happy. He enjoys watching movies with music and being around the other foster children in the home. He gets along with others. Although he cannot speak he has a way of communicating with you when he is not feeling well. When he is feeling good and happy he makes funny sounds with a smile. ZZ is not of school age but when he starts school he will need a school for special medical needs. ZZ has medical needs that require total care for activities of daily living. He is fed by a feeding tube. ZZ nurses who care for him during the day and the evening, as well as the foster parents. He will need extensive support and assistance on a daily and regular basis at home or at school. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

ZZ will need a family who can provide him with a very stable and loving home life. The family needs to take him for walks in his wheel chair as he loves the outdoors. ZZ will do well with a family with patience and the willingness to work with the nurses and love him unconditionally at all times. He needs a family who will give him individual attention. ZZ needs regular praises throughout his life with constant supervision.