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Zion from Texas



from Texas

Zion is very considerate of others and has excellent manners. He loves Superman and his favorite color is red. He also loves fishing, playing basketball, and playing video games. Zion likes the fact that he is nice to his friends and others, even if they aren't always nice to him. He is a very considerate child who is always thinking of others' feelings. He loves animals of all kinds, especially horses. Zion can have difficulty focusing at times; however, he is easily redirected and he does very well with talking through any issues bothering him. Zion is doing very well in school. He makes all A's and B's and loves math and reading.

Jhonny and Zion are very close and get along well together. Although they do not currently reside in the same home, they are always happy to see each other during their visits and play well together. They both love sports and fishing. Jhonny is proud to be an older brother and always makes sure to help Zion when he needs assistance with something. Zion looks up to Jhonny, which has made Jhonny aware of his influence on him. This has also made Jhonny act more mature so he is a positive influence, not only to Zion, but to others around him. Jhonny and Zion respond well with positive reinforcement. They are both very competitive, but in a constructive and fun manner. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Zion needs a family that is patient and understanding of his needs. A home with one other child or none is ideal. Zion wants very much to be with his brother and find a forever family who will be patient and loving with them, so they can have a family to call their own.

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