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Cheyenne from Vermont



from Vermont

Cheyenne is 14 years old. Here's what she would like you to know about her My favorite things I like to spend time outside playing basketball, football and softball, and I like to ski. I love horses, and would like an opportunity to ride. I love cats and dogs. I am crazy about Cheetah print clothing, and I also want multi colored high tops. I love to read, watch movies and listen to pop music, country and hip hop. My favorite foods I love pizza, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and beans, coleslaw and also shrimp. Things I don’t like Most seafood. What I want from a family I would like an active, non-smoking family. I want a family who will keep me safe. I want stability in my life and I do not want to grow up in poverty. I would like to live on a farm, but I really just want a family. I would like to have a mom and a dad, two moms or even just a mom. What I want families to know about me I am outgoing and curious about learning new things. I have ridden horses before, and I want to be able to ride in the future. I recently started having conversations with my older sister. This is positive for me, and I would like to stay in touch with her. What we want families to know about Cheyenne Cheyenne is a very cheerful, out-going young woman. She is quick to smile, and loves to engage with adults and peers. Cheyenne experienced a lot of instability, and missed a lot of educational and extracurricular opportunities as well. Cheyenne is developing coping strategies to help with her Early Developmental Trauma. Cheyenne requires ongoing therapeutic services, but she is eager to be part of a family, and she actively participates in conversations around finding her family. For more information, please contact Graham Kidder at or 802-324-0940.

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