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Evan from Vermont



from Vermont

Evan, 15 My favorite things: I like animals. I like to be outside playing all different kinds of sports and activities. I like to play lacrosse, football and basketball. I like video games. I love to fish and swim. I like to spend time in the community doing activities with my mentor. I like country music. Things I do not like: I don’t like yelling and fighting. Any food that has mushrooms in it. Not a fan of soccer and baseball. Favorite foods: I like most foods. Peanut butter pie. Most meat! Creemees and Ice Cream in general. What I want in a family: I want two parents but would be willing to have a single parent also. I would like a family who keeps me busy and keeps me safe. I like animals and would like pets. I want a family who will allow me some time on electronics. I want to be active. What I want families to know about me: Evan has had many disappointments in his life. It will take him time to trust that a family will stick with him through the good and bad times. He will need boundaries, structure and encouragement to be active. He will need a family who can be patient and nurturing. Evan is in therapy to deal with trauma and loss. This will need to continue after placement with a family. Evan has a sense of humor. Evan likes to do hands on activities. He is a tinkerer! He loves to see how things work. What we want families to know about the youth: We are seeking any family with older or no other children to afford Evan the time, attention and nurturing he will need to bond to the parents in his new family. A family willing to be part of his team as Evan grows and adjusts will be beneficial. Evan can get tunnel vision on video games and needs the structure to make sure there is balance in his day. Evan needs social skills work. A family to help Evan engage with his education. For more information please contact Kirk Brewster Permanency Planning Counselor at 802-447-6491
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