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George from Vermont



from Vermont

My Favorite Things: I love biking, swimming, fishing, and hiking (depending on the conditions) - I just like fresh air and nature. I also enjoy going on go-karts, bowling, playing laser tag, miniature golf and regular golf, paddle boarding, going to Fairs and amusement parks, playing board games, video games, and watching TV. I have recently begun to learn to play Magic. I love going out to dinner and enjoy going to the movies. Things I do not like: I do not like carrots, asparagus, Brussels sprouts or stir fry. I am a hard worker but I would not like a smelly job. Favorite Foods: I love food! My favorite food is macaroni and cheese made with sharp cheddar cheese. I love all kinds of fudge. I recently discovered that I love fresh tuna (as well as canned) and I also like shrimp. I love spicy foods, I say “the spicier the better!” I am also a salt and pepper guy. I am learning how to cook and would love the opportunity to learn more. What I want in a family: I would like to live in a peaceful family where there is no yelling or swearing. I want parents who do not smoke. I would like to be in a family where I am the only child, or there are children around the same age as me. I want to live in a community where it is safe to ride my bike. I would like to have a friendly cat. I want to be in a family that sets age-appropriate limits for Internet and computer use. I would like to have a TV in my room, a cell phone, access to a computer, and a key to the house. I would like to have family game nights, and I want a family that likes to eat dessert! I want my parents to be helpful with homework and work. What I want families to know about me: I am kind, caring, safe, and respectful. I like to help people-I want to be a firefighter paramedic when I grow up, so I would like to learn first aid. I look forward to taking a Hunter’s safety course as well as taking martial arts. I would love to go on a vacation like Disney World someday, and travel by plane or train. What we are seeking for a family for George: George needs parents who: • Can provide a nurturing environment, set clear and firm limits, and provide consistent boundaries; • Are willing to participate in any recommended trainings and therapy sessions; • Can be patient and loving even when his behaviors are a challenge; • Can be affectionate and patient; and • Are energetic, outgoing, and active. George would do best in a family where he is the only child, or where he is with children of a similar age. Contact Information For more information please contact Sarah Smith at or 802-373-6096
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