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Jacob from Vermont



from Vermont

Here’s what they would like you to know about them. My Favorite Things: James really enjoy going to school and socializing with my friends. James also enjoy playing sports and being active. James’s favorite show is Paw Patrol and he loves to read books and when others read to him. Jacob like playing sports and being active. He enjoys reading and learning new things. He likes riding his bike and being silly. Things I do not like: When James is not able to have choices and when he can’t be first. Jacob does not like when he does not know what is happening around him. They both do not like their fruits and vegetables. Favorite Foods: James: Cookies, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Jacob: Pizza and chicken nuggets. What I want in a family: James wants a family that will listen to him and help him when he does not understand a task. He needs a family that will be calm when speaking to him and be happy. He also wants a family that will play and have fun with him Jacob wants a family that he can have his own room and let him make his own choices. He wants a family that will play and be interactive with him. What I want families to know about me: James needs help with routines and he likes to have attention from others. He likes to play games and swim. Jacob likes to swim and play games. He needs a family to listen to him and understand that sometimes he needs space. He likes to have fun with his friends.

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