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Manuel from Vermont



from Vermont

Manuel is 12 years old. Here's what he would like you to know about him My favorite foods My favorite food is chicken and dumplings. I also like Pizza. My favorite dessert is dirt cup. It is crushed Oreos, vanilla pudding and frosting in a cup, with a Gummie worms on top. My favorite things I like video games, I play on a Nintendo DS. I like to read fantasy chapter books, and watch movies. I like to sketch, trace and draw. I like to swim and go sledding. I also like going to the movies. Things I don’t like I do not like being picked on, I do not like bullies, and I do not like yelling or fighting. What I want from a family I would like a home with a mom and dad or a dad and dad, some siblings, and animals in the home. I like dogs and would like to have a Chihuahua. I would also like a hamster or gerbil and a ferret. What I want families to know about me I want prospective families to know that I am good at math and science, fun, funny, smart and I am respectful of the people around me. I also don’t want to be far from my grandma. What we want families to know about the youth Manuel needs to feel safe, secure and attached to those who are caring for him. Manuel has been exposed to an excessive degree of traumatic experiences. He will benefit from a safe and permanent home where love, safety, security and attachment can be met. He will also benefit from educational services that address his special education needs and intensive therapeutic support to ensure his well-being. For more information regarding Manuel please contact Mark Simino at or 802-379- 5086.