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Mark from Vermont



from Vermont

My Favorite Things: I love Dinosaurs. I know the names of most, and can tell you all about them. I love watching the movie Jurassic World. I like to read, especially books about Dinosaurs. I like to ice skate and go sledding. I also like to swim and ride my bike. Things I do not like: I don’t really like salad, but I eat it because I know it’s good for me. Favorite Foods: I love chicken, pizza, green peas, peanut butter and jelly, potatoes and chocolate. What I want in a family: I want parents who will keep me safe and spend time playing with me. What I want families to know about me: I like adult attention. What we want families to know about the youth: Mark is a sweet boy with a lot of energy. Mark would do best being the youngest child in the home so he is able to receive all the attention he may need during the transition. He would do best with parents who can provide him with consistency and structure to help him feel safe and secure. A family willing to work with other professionals to ensure his needs is met within the community and at school. A family ready to have fun, be nurturing and be flexible. Mark is not legally freed for adoption so only Vermont foster homes can be considered at this time. Please contact Graham Kidder for more information at or 802-324-0940