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Morgan from Vermont



from Vermont

Morgan, age 13 My Favorite Things: I like football, soccer and basketball. I like art; I like to paint and draw. I like to read and like to read graphic novels. I like all music, but country is my favorite. I love to swim. Things I do not like: I don’t like mushy foods or super crunchy foods. I don’t like soups or stews, zucchini or oatmeal. Favorite Foods: My favorite foods are fresh green beans, home made lasagna, Caesar Salad, and cheese cake. What I want in a family: I want to be the oldest, but don’t want to be around kids under five years old. I do not want to live in Barre, or go to Spaulding High. ( I want to be away from my home community and want a fresh start.) I want a family that doesn’t yell. What I want families to know about me I like big dogs and want to have a big back yard. I want to have two parents, and would like an active couple. I must have my own room and I want to have a phone. That we want families to know about the youth: Morgan is smart, insightful and has a big heart. She is open to moving, but wants to be able to keep in touch with her friends. For further information about this child, please contact Mark Simino by telephone at 802-379-5086 or by email at