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Payton from Vermont



from Vermont

Payton, 9 My Favorite Things: I like swimming, visiting with my sisters, playing soccer, basketball and volleyball. I love going to the playground. I like to fly kites, go up in hot air balloons and to ride my bike. Things I do not like: I don’t like being sent to my room or being grounded. I don’t like peppers or tomatoes. Favorite Foods: I love all types of meats and pasta and I like fruit. My favorite meal is Shepherds pie. What I want in a family: I would like a family with a mom and dad and I would like to have a teenage older sister. I like living in a large town/small city but I also like to be out in the country. What I want families to know about me: My family is very important to me and I want to stay in touch with them. I can be a picky eater at times. I really like animals, and I want to have two kittens. That we want families to know about the youth: A family open to Payton continuing her relationship with birth family. A family who has experience working with a youth who experienced grief and loss. She needs a family that can help her grow while providing safety and stability. For further information about this child, please contact Mark Simino by telephone at 802-379-5086 or by email at
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