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Savanna from Vermont



from Vermont

My favorite things: I like doing some sports. I like basketball, swimming, and gymnastics. I like to watch tv and movies! I enjoy board games and puzzles. I like to apple and berry pick. I love pets! I like to fish. I like school most of time. I like pets too. Things I do not like: I do not like to be outside when its real hot out! I don't like being yelled at. I don't like sudden changes in my routine. I don’t like airplanes. Never been on one. Favorite foods: I like ice cream. I like pizza. I like anything with mayo and ketchup and sometimes just those two things! I like hamburgers. I like apples. What I want in a family: I am looking for a family who wants to play with me. A family that will like me no matter what. I want them to understand me. What I want families to know about me: I like hugs. I like routines. I like to joke around. I am working hard on my coping strategies. What we want families to know about the youth: Savanna has a history of trauma. We are looking for a family that is trauma informed. A family that is patient and will listen to her needs. A family that will not give up on her and will be supportive at all times. A family that recognizes that all behavior has meaning. Contact Information: Kirk Brewster 802‐772‐0703
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