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Trevor from Vermont



from Vermont

My Favorite Things: I like video games, especially shooting games. I like motorcycles, four wheelers, and riding horses. I like country music. I am a redneck. I like living in the country and being outdoors Things I do not like: I don’t like to eat vegetables and I don’t like fish. Favorite Foods: My favorite foods are ice cream and Pizza. I also like meat, almost any type. What I want in a family: I want a family with a mom and dad and I would like to be a big brother. My family has to like being outdoors. I would like to live on a farm, and to have my own room. My new home has to have dogs. That is a must for me. I want to be a part of a family that hunts. I would like a family that has four wheelers. What I want families to know about me: I want people to know that I like to be in the woods and I have to live in the woods, or on a farm. I am redneck and I want to live on a farm. What we want families to know about the youth: Trevor has experienced a lot of losses in his life and needs a family who can help him learn to become a part of their family. A family able and willing to be an active member of his team to help advocate for his needs both at school and in the community. Trevor is very athletic. He likes to work outside and loves hunting, fishing or any outdoor activity. In particular, he loves working with anything motorized. For more information please contact Mark Simino at 802-379-5086 or by email at

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