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Adame from Virginia



from Virginia

Adame is a strong communicator who exhibits remarkably good manners such as shaking your hand when introducing himself and asking your name. He is very energetic and enjoys playing with Lego's, trucks and cars. Adame's favorite color is pink. In addition to being very playful, Adame is imaginative and creates endearing names for significant, supportive adults in his life. Some examples of the humorous names Adame has affectionately titled caregivers have been Sugar Mama and Best Buddy. When engaged, Adame is cheerful and clever. He has a charming personality and can be quite caring and kind. Adame can be comfortable with family pets when appropriately familiarized. Adame is very curious so keep your eyes on him. He will thrive in an adoptive family of his own, prepared to continue helping him navigate challenges while reassuring him that consistent love, support, and commitment are obtainable for him as well.
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