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Alexis from Virginia



from Virginia

Alexis is an intelligent, resilient, and confident young lady. She is expressive of her thoughts and feelings. She knows what she wants and speaks her mind. She connects well with people due to her pleasant and considerate nature. She cares for others and likes to help those in need. She is also very understanding and forgiving, and is able to build and maintain meaningful relationships. Alexis likes to have her hair braided and sometimes paints her nails as keeping a good appearance is important to her. She prefers to dress in athletic apparel. As a social, outgoing, and engaging girl, Alexis participates in a daily after school club where she helps tutor and mentor younger children and participates in dances and activities. The responsibilities she has within the club have provided her with comfort and a sense of accomplishment. Alexis is a strong leader and earned a Youth Leadership award at her club. Alexis likes to stay active, and plays flag football at the club. She also enjoys swimming and running. A capable student, Alexis is motivated to always do her best in school. She typically works independently to complete her homework and assignments. Alexis is learning to cook and she already knows how to prepare some basic dishes. When hanging out with her friends Alexis likes to socialize, go to sleep overs, watch movies and go shopping. She has done some traveling in the past and really enjoyed it and would like to do more. Alexis loves her family and is very protective of them. She has two younger siblings with which she is very close and maintains contact. When the kids get together they like to go to Chuck E. Cheese, Dave and Busters, McDonalds, and community parks.
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