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Alix from Virginia



from Virginia

Alix is an extremely talented artist. His graphite sketches of sneakers, cartoon characters and other objects are truly impressive. He also enjoys using colored pencils and paint. To highlight his artistic skill and love for fashion, Alix once intentionally splattered his sneakers with paint to create a unique fashion statement. His peers also had him recreate this look for them on their own sneakers. Alix loves fashion, following the latest fashion trends on social media and is happy to spend his free time shopping. He is able to follow a budget while shopping and is good at finding steals on the sales rack. Alix loves sneakers and, although he is good at finding bargain prices on clothing items, loves to spend a pretty penny on new sneakers. He does value the sneakers and keeps them in excellent condition. Alix enjoys physical activity and particularly likes basketball and football. Alix often has an opportunity to play basketball with peers who may be older and taller than he is, however he is always able to gain respect on the court for his athletic ability. Additionally, Alix enjoys talking about college and professional football athletes and teams. He is usually up to date on the latest upsets, trades and multi-million dollar contracts. Impressively tech savvy, Alix is good with computers and cell phones. Most importantly, Alix is an advocate for himself. He is able to speak up about his needs and reach out to positive support people. He is able to do this on an individual level and can advocate when in a group setting. As one support person put it, “Alix is good at everything he has the opportunity to try.” This is evident in his athletic ability, creativity, and use of technology without any formal training. Alix longs for new and different experiences that can showcase his talents and interests.