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Anna from Virginia



from Virginia

Anna is very outgoing and enjoys being out in the community. She likes caring for others, especially small children and the elderly. Performing community services and giving back to the community are important to her. Anna is very affectionate; she enjoys both giving and receiving hugs. Anna listens to music of all kinds. She can usually be found singing and dancing to the music coming from her personal player. Anna has shown an interest in becoming a cheerleader and playing basketball. You would think Anna is a professional shopper given how much she enjoys shopping for clothes and shoes. Anna has a good time getting dressed up and having her hair and nails done. Anna is a resilient young woman who can achieve anything she puts her mind to. She is successful in school and has aspirations of being a Social Worker or a Counselor for troubled youth. Anna has three siblings who are not in foster care with whom she maintains contact. Her paternal great-grandmother is a very important person in her lift and Anna would like to keep in touch with her as well. Anna does well when receiving verbal praise for making good choices. Anna would like to be a permanent member of a family that is supportive and structured. She would like to be able to go on family vacations and create family holiday traditions.
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