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Ariana from Virginia



from Virginia

Ariana is an artistic 16 year old female. Ariana has a tender and compassionate heart and a friendly disposition. She is shy until she warms up to others. She is extremely artistic in all aspects. Ariana can draw, paint and write poetry. She is especially good at expressing herself through poetry. Ariana likes picking out clothes and recently dyed her hair for the first time. She loves to eat and Oreo truffles are one of her favorites. She would do best in a family that does not have a lot of children and can really focus their attention on her. She would do well in a family that can support her in her interests and services. She is able to identify, process, and express her emotions and she is very insightful. She is goal oriented and helps plan to reach her goals. She is open to trying new things. Ariana would love a forever family who can reciprocate love and support her creative future.
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